Innovative approach

Emotional intelligence first

Our team is experienced in management, sociology, psychology, communication, innovation, business strategy, marketing and personal development.

The innovative approach we have designed is based on well-known model from NLP, group dynamic, coaching, management, creativity, communication, marketing,... We add to those models an essential dimension: emotional intelligence. The sense of this is helping our clients to achieve their goals with higher serenity, without stomac cramps or insomnia. Equine assisted coaching helps to materialize the emotional intelligence concept since horses* are very sensitive. Their behaviour gives to human being an immediate and true feed-back about its feelings.

We have translated the main management, team coaching and personal development models according to this innovative approach, based on the unique "Mirror Horse" technique developed by HorSense international network.

This efficient and revolutionnary approach aims to help enterprises, managers, teams and workers to collaborate successfully, to innovate, to increase their talents, to achieve meaningfull goals and to lead the whole company to performance.

* There is no need to be familiar with horses as we never ride them.

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